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Loro Re-Cashmere for all

Discover the permanent capsule of environmentally conscious signature pieces giving new life to reclaimed materials, all while maintaining an incredible sense of touch.


An expression of our DNA

Loro, meaning they, them in Italian, is a genderless, ageless, and size-inclusive capsule that embodies the Maison’s continuous efforts and desire to move towards more sustainable practices. The capsule reutilizes unused materials, blending them with new cashmere to create exceptional one-of-a-kind garments with an incredible sense of touch.


Repurposing cashmere

This initiative is aimed at effectively giving cashmere a new life and reducing resource waste. The pieces are crafted from a unique mélange of repurposed cashmere and new undyed cashmere.


An incredible savoir-faire

Unused garments are carefully cut by hand, ensuring buttons and labels are removed. The cut pieces are then broken down and mixed with new undyed cashmere. The fibres twist and turn through a journey of machinery, transforming into a delicate unique yarn and ultimately knitted into sumptuous garments.

Every piece created is

Finished by hand with expert savoir-faire, every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The distinct blend of cashmere gives the garments a unique look.