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Discover the world’s finest, rarest raw materials and innovations.


Vicuña is Loro Piana’s most exclusive offering. Once reserved solely for the Incan emperor, today Loro Piana crafts this sublime fibre into a limited series of certified garments and fabrics.

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The Gift of Kings®

The Gift of Kings® is the name given to the finest wool in the world. It is Loro Piana’s regal giving to discerning customers who are passionate about the true excellence of nature.

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Baby Cashmere

Baby Cashmere is an incomparably soft, light, and precious cashmere, exclusively obtained from the underfleece of the Hircus goat kid.

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Loro Piana is the largest cashmere manufacturer in the world, selecting only the finest lots of this supremely soft, superlative fibre from Northern China and Mongolia.

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Pecora Nera®

Pecora Nera® is the result of the successful partnership between Loro Piana and a pioneering New Zealand breeder to restore the majestic black Merino sheep and its outstanding, naturally dark fleece.

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The Lotus Flower®

The Lotus Flower® is a rare, luxurious fibre made from the wild lotus flower, fully extracted by hand and worked into a fabric that is truly unique and full of tradition.

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Storm System®

Storm System® is Loro Piana’s revolutionary innovation that allows even the most delicate of fabrics, like vicuña and baby cashmere, to be fully waterproof and wind resistant.

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