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Loro Piana in Ginza

Loro Piana's new flagship store in Ginza, the heart of Tokyo, celebrates our uniqueness with the light touch and elegance of over 50 metres of steel modelled as if it were the softest of fabrics.

The illusion of movement
Fine sheets of steel tilted 3 degrees gradually reveal the brand's signature colour – kummel – and offer a fragmented reflection of one of the most vibrant corners of the Japanese capital, creating the illusion of movement. Loro Piana's new building develops vertically, curving for the last few metres as if it were a feather-light fabric billowing in the wind, creating the only undulating façade in the whole of Ginza. The sensation of lightness it conveys is truly remarkable. There is no logo at the top to interrupt the harmony of the form: this is discreetly reserved for the side wall and entrance. Creating something unique without betraying the values of a brand that has always preferred to whisper: this was the challenge embraced by the Japanese architect Jun Aoki who developed the project.
Fabric in the wind
“The first time I held a piece of Loro Piana fabric in my hand it evoked a feeling of airy lightness, but also a sense of great dignity. Beautifully fine, soft and smooth, my eyes told me that the fabric did not loudly call attention to itself; nonetheless, it elicited a stunning tactile sensation. It wasn't something created for show, and I wondered how I could tangibly render the sensation of caressing it with my fingers. The surface, comprised of countless, intricate lines of imperceptible threads, would quiver lightly in a gentle breeze. And though exquisitely discreet, the character of the fabric cannot help but shine through. How closely would I be able to evoke this image?” This is how the architect Jun Aoki describes the starting point for the Loro Piana project, the inspiration that guided his creativity over two years of work. A tribute to Loro Piana's textile heritage, but interpreted with highly innovative solutions never previously implemented, resonating with the pioneering spirit that has always driven our work and our tireless quest for excellence. Entering the new store in Ginza, guests are immersed in a unique tactile and visual experience. The walls and interior design elements dressed in our fabrics create a warm welcome that celebrates softness and colour, in beautifully harmonious combinations.
Inside uniqueness
The entrance to our unique ladies', mens' and accessories collections is marked by a huge window area with a spectacular screen behind it that displays atmospheric imagery – almost a digital sculpture. The collections occupy the first three floors, while the fourth, which showcases specially designed furnishings featuring our interiors fabrics, hosts the most complete range of customization services ever offered by Loro Piana, including the option of adding a unique personal touch to our 360 sneakers in merino wool and the My Suitcase Stripe bags, a tribute to our history and heritage. Not to mention a selection of garments and accessories specially created to celebrate the opening of the store and available exclusively in Ginza, for a limited time only.

Loro Piana Ginza

3-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Main Telephone Number: 03-5579-5181

E-commerce / Customer Service Telephone: 03-5579-5182